Recipes mentioned on the show

  • From "The Sweet Life Part 1- Breaking Down the Sugars"

    • Emily's Homemade Cough Syrup (not for children under 1 year old)

Emily Frisella chocolate protein donuts

Health tips from the show

From "Where's Your Money Going?  Invest In Your Health"

  • Investing in your health might start with tracking your spending.  Try keeping all of your receipts for 1 week.  At the end of the week, review the receipts and add up the cost of your "impulse" purchases aka the things you did not truly need.  

  • Only 18% of Americans with gym memberships attend regularly!  If you are spending money on a gym, use it, or decide what's the best investment for your fitness.  Perhaps you will be more likely to attend a scheduled class or appointments with a personal trainer.

Check our blog post under Episodes for more tips from this episode!​

From "Reframing Situations to Get Healthy"

Click here to view the Forbes article 7 Science-Backed Methods to Get Out of Your Head.

From "My Body is a ...Garbage Can?"

Planning a new year juice detox?  While your body is great at detoxing via the liver, kidneys and other vital organs, some of us cannot resist the glow of the juice detox, or cleanse.   If you are going to juice, remember these three tips:

  1. Avoid pre-made juices high in sugar or mostly made from fruit.  Even though it is natural sugar, you will be taking in too much in a day's worth of juice detoxing.

  2. Drink water too!  Don't forgo water even though the fruits and veggies being juice have water.  Drinking water can help make you feel full too.

  3. Steer clear of juice detoxes if you have any medical conditions or take prescription medications.

Sugar is the root of inflammation in the body and most illnesses involve inflammation.  A healthy diet can help combat inflammation.  Foods that fight inflammation include:

  • leafy green vegetables

  • nuts

  • fish

  • colorful fruits and vegetables

From "Guest Brian Teach Talking Protein, Carbs & Fats- The Roll They Play in Diet"

Brian recommends those starting a supplement routine to start with a multivitamin.  The multivitamin Emily mentioned on the show is M-Factor Goddess

These are Brian's go-to supplements to maximize his fitness and nutrition

From "Diet is a Four Letter Word"

Click here to read more on cortisol, weight management and your health from Today's Dietitian.

Are you considering these four aspects of a healthy lifestyle?

  • Movement:  exercise

  • Intake:  the foods you eat and water intake

  • Stress:  your average stress levels.  Some stress is okay!

  • Sleep:  hours slept per night and sleep quality (restless or restful) 

From "Fast Food or Fat Food?"

Click here for 10 better fast food options from the Today Show.

Click here to read about the small but shocking study regarding the effect of fast food in healthy individuals.

From "Conquering Cravings"

Healthier alternatives for sweet and salty cravings:

  • Sweet:  fruit, natural applesauce, peanut butter and apple, yogurt, 100% fruit popsicle, or a protein shake

  • Salty:  popcorn, veggies and light dip or hummus, string cheese, cottage cheese, nuts

From "Here's to a Healthy Holiday Season"

Here are a few tips from episode 11:

  • During the holiday season, we tend to eat a large variety of foods not typically in our meal plan.  Fight bloat and indigestion by adding a probiotic and digestive enzyme supplement to your routine.

  • Have a holiday motto, like "focus on friends, family and giving back."  Enjoy catching up with friends and family at holiday gatherings to take the focus off the food.

  • Plan for holiday travel.  Bring breakfast and snacks to save money and stay on track.  Try oatmeal cups (use coffee pot for hot water at hotels), protein bars (homemade or store bought), nuts, peanut butter packets and whey protein in a shaker cup

Try these portion bags for meals and snacks on the go like oatmeal mix, nuts, protein powder, or no bake protein bars (see Recipes Mentioned on the Show- from "Read Between the Lines" for recipe)

From "Q&A- Gluten, Dairy and Treat Meals"

Click here for a breakdown of the various dairy milk alternatives.  

From "Eat For Your Goals with John Gorman"

We asked John what 3 supplements he recommends to people starting a flexible eating plan.  They are:

  • Caffeine: for fat burning and, well, it's caffeine

  • Whey protein:  a high-quality whey protein to supplement your diet.  He suggests using this before and after working out.

  • Multivitamin:  try a men's or women's based MVI

  • Bonus 4th supplement!  Creatine for building strength (not The Hulk strength, just good solid gains) and notes that it's one of the most well researched supplements.


Read John's book The Flexible Fat Loss Solution which includes a whole section on supplements, for everyone from beginner to advanced athletes.  

Learn more about John Gorman and his coaching services.

Check out his podcast, Training and Nutrition Truth 

From "Creating a Healthy Environment"

Click here to read the Cornell University study we refer to on leaving foods on the counter.

From "The Scale is a Liar"

Emily's before and after picture isn't what it seems.  On the scale she weighed LESS in the first photo and MORE in the second photo.  Plus in the second photo (when she started eating healthy and incorporating weight training in her routine) she is happier, more energetic and looks younger!  Listen to episode 10 to hear more about her transformation.

Emily Frisella, Food in Session host, before and after photo with clean eating

From "Goals With Flavor"

Cooking newbie?  Start with these staple spices and ingredients:

  • Garlic powder or garlic salt

  • Red pepper flakes

  • Italian seasoning

  • Sea salt

  • Fresh garlic

  • Onions

  • Lemons & limes

  • Olive oil

From "Fit, Fat and the Shame of it All"

From "Read Between the Lines- Label vs Ingredients"

From "Sweat- Why it's a Good Thing"

Convenience is killing us!  Click here to read more on why sitting is the new smoking and how to move more.

From "My Biggest Problem Is"

A Quick Guide to Macronutrients