Keeping Hope Alive in Troubled Times

It's in these times we need to keep our eye on the future- we will get through this, we will come out ahead, we will bounce back.  It's because of this that we need to create a plan to thrive once we obtain normalcy again in our world.  What are we doing now to ensure that we come out ahead and prepared to do better than before? 

Are you working on being more patient?  

Showing more grace? 

Being more understanding?

Have a newfound appreciation for your career? 

A deeper amount of gratitude for your employees or employer? 

Did you focus on looking inward to find things about yourself that you'd like to improve upon? 

If we have said it once, we have said it 100 times the last three weeks- developing structure in your life during this time is key.   This structure can include and schedule your time to sit by yourself and think on these things.  What would you change?  How could you create more impact? 

The wild thing about life is we never realize what we would really change until we are faced with crisis and are forced into self reflection.  What is important to you?  Take a moment and think about that.

Now, whatever you thought about needs to be your focus.   When you follow through on these, that is when you will begin to thrive because you' ve unveiled what's in your heart the most.  

Too often we get wrapped up in the daily life and hectic schedules and it sadly takes events like the current pandemic for us to reel it in on our lives and make adjustments.  

Here are 9 tips to break out of the funk and keep hope alive. 

1) Take a breath. Like a really slow deep one.  Breath in for 5 seconds, hold it for 2 and let it out for 5 seconds. 

2) Take inventory of what you have in life.

3) Be realistic.  Exercise your rational brain over your emotional brain. Example: While your thinking brain is making plans for your retirement, your feeling brain wants to plan for a vacation.

4) Stop the blame.   Don't look for someone to take the blame; it does no good and wastes your energy.

5) Unplug.  Ditch your phone, get outside and take a walk. Even 10 minutes can make a big difference.  


6) If you feel like you need to cry, have a good cry. Give yourself 10 minutes then breath deep and go about your day. A good cry can be self-soothing, helps to regulate your emotions, calm yourself and reduces your own distress. 

7) Look for the lesson you can learn from.  Were you prepared in your home to stay home?  Food?  Supplies?  Exercise options?  Working from home?  What would you keep “stocked” in the future?  It’s just like anyone who has set a weight loss goal, at some point, you might go off plan.  The important thing, is that you learned from it.

8) Eat a healthy meal and workout. This self-care will help you center and feel good.  If you are completely out of sync with your healthy-self over the last few weeks, it all starts with one healthy meal, one workout, to start feeling like yourself again.

9) Remember that bad days don't last.  They only last as long as we allow them to.

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