I Had a Good Habit Going...What Happened? Plus, Produce with the Longest Shelf-Life

Imagine pre-COVID days.  You’re going to a class at the gym you love regularly for months, taking your supplements and even meditating.  Then something happens.  You look back on the last month and realize you haven’t done any of it.  Where did my healthy habits go?

  1. It’s not gone for good, just hibernating.

  2. Pick them back up, one day at a time.  You’ll look back after a week and be thankful that you did.

  3. Learn from these episodes.  A small detour, like having bronchitis for a week, happens.  Know that when it happens again, you’ll do your best to take care of your health and get back to your routine as soon as you can.  You won’t take being well for granted.  Big detours, like a death in the family or job loss, can shake up your entire life.  Things truly might not ever be the same.  You might find that exercise like yoga, jogging or kickboxing can be therapeutic and that’s what brings you back to a regular exercise routine.  The key when the big detours happen, is to keep your wellness a priority as much as possible.  It’s easy to turn to comfort foods and you should enjoy some treats, but try to avoid turning them into a crutch.

  4. Aim your target at something truly motivating.  Pounds on the scale might not really be it.  

One thing I love about less grocery shopping during the COVID restrictions, is being more creative and thoughtful about what meals to make each day.  For example, I’ll plan to use the fresh bananas in my oatmeal first because when those go bad or run out I have frozen blueberries to use.   Due to COVID-19 you might find yourself shopping less often and coming across some produce that’s going bad or you’re running out before you’re able to go shopping again. Here are the produce items that have the longest shelf life. Think about these when you’re planning your shopping list for what you’ll need the next 1 to 2 weeks

Produce items that will last longer than two weeks in the refrigerator: apples, carrots, lemons and limes, oranges, red and green cabbage, beets, celery.

Items that will last longer than two weeks at room temperature: garlic, onions, potatoes like russet and sweet potatoes and whole winter squash.

Some of your favorites like lettuce, strawberries and zucchini will only last about one week so be sure to use these within the first few days of getting your groceries and save those other items for the next week. Items that will last about 10 days are things like watermelon, bell peppers and baby potatoes like Yukon Gold and new potatoes.

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