Apps that Pay You to Walk and Caffeine-Free Energy Boosters

Apps that pay you to walk

Since you're working out and wearing some type of device that tracks your steps anyways, you might as well earn some cash for it! There are several apps that pay you in cash, gift cards, prizes and more for your steps and data. Here are three of those apps.

Achievement: connect to your Health app, meditation app and more to collect points. You can also earn points by referring friends and participating in short medical surveys. Earn $10 for every 10,000 point to via PayPal or donate to charity.

Attain by Aetna: the catch here is you need to have an Aetna health plan and an Apple Watch. Some employers opt into this program and you can "earn" the Apple Watch by participating in the app. Earn points for steps and healthy actions like reading a health tip. Points can be redeemed for gift cards at places like Target and Whole Foods.

Sweatcoin: when you walk outside, your steps are converted into Sweatcoins, which you can redeem for discounts on apps, fitness gear and more or redeem it to a charity. Prizes change frequently.

Exercise is the new caffeine but I'm not ready to give up my coffee entirely. Here are a few other ways to boost your energy.

1. Making smart choices first thing in the morning will lead to smarter choices throughout the day. That doughnut or sugary cereal may taste good and get you moving, but refined carbohydrates cause a temporary energy spike, and it's always followed by a crash when your blood sugar levels begin to drop.

Adding protein and some healthy fats will keep your blood sugar stable and provide ongoing energy without the crash. Try eggs with yogurt and berries or protein pancakes with peanut butter.

2. You don’t have to spend hours at a gym to reap the benefits. Try walking around the block a few times or even doing some body weight exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and air squats. Exercise causes your body to release the “feel good” hormones, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

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