No Time to Shop, No Problem! Creative Pantry Meals

Time to get creative with meals in the kitchen! It's time to go on a grocery boycott and start lean living. On this boycott, you have to come up with meals based on what you have on hand, no grocery store trips, no Shipt deliveries. Just you, your freezer, your pantry and some imagination.

If you’re someone who is not creative in the kitchen, here are a few tips to start creating.

  1. Pick a protein. When you are avoiding the grocery store, you’ll have to rely on what’s frozen or pantry items for protein. If you don’t have frozen chicken, turkey, fish, etc, look in the pantry for tuna, beans, canned chicken or protein powder.

  2. Use up fresh vegetables and fruit, then, go for the frozen. So if you have lettuce on it’s last leg, plan to eat that instead of using your frozen vegetables.

  3. Add your favorite flavors. If you love tacos but don’t have any beef or ground turkey on hand, try adding taco spice to black beans to use on a taco salad. Make buffalo tuna patties instead of buffalo chicken. Whip up protein pancakes with whatever flour is on hand, protein powder and frozen blueberries or bananas (especially if the are about to go bad, use them up).

Having some organization in the pantry saves money because you can easily see what you have on hand and create meals from that. You may have a ton of dry pasta. Make a lasagna bake to use them up. Add in some fresh veggies like squash, mushrooms and spinach, a protein option and you have a simple meal that you can freeze and reheat, plus you cleared out some of the pasta clutter. It’s all about finding new ways to keep the pantry clutter free and use up the items you buy.

Listen to the full episode here to learn how to make our favorite pantry meal and snacks.

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