Out of the Ditch and Be Driven- Digging Yourself Out of Nutrition, Fitness and Life Slumps

In episode 105, we recap the trip to Vegas, why not to get a blowout there and Mindy's new fibrous nickname. Plus, the episode's main topic, how to get out of the ditch and be driven in all areas of life. Also, if you love organizing like Emily, go to her Instagram page and see pictures of her new organized pantry by Neat Method St. Louis owner, Nicole Loiterstein. Follow her on Instagram for trendy and tidy inspiration! @Nicoleloit It's so easy to unknowingly fall into a slump. We do it when we get busy or get comfortable and might not feel like doing anything about it, but we know we need to get better. We all have that happen. So how do you get driven when it comes to fitness? It's easy when you have a New Year's resolution but what do you do the rest of the year? Pretty soon you're right back to where you started except now you're also facing guilt that you didn't stay true to your word to make those changes to your health and fitness. Remember that fitness is not just a physical change, it's also a mental change. Try writing down your fitness goal. When you put it in writing it's like making a contract yourself. Make a chart where you can check off your workouts. Second, embrace your challenges because exercise isn't easy or you would've started a long time ago! But those challenges, when you get over them, will help boost your confidence in your fitness. When you feel that bummed feeling when you miss the work out, that's when you know your habits are starting to change. You'd rather miss a happy hour than miss the work out. We all know that meme of somebody sitting at work watching the clock. They feel like they've been at work for six hours and the clock only says 8:15 AM. So how do you get out of the mindset of watching the work clock? Think about how your job affects other peoples lives. In a field like healthcare it's obvious but in other fields it's not as obvious. For example, in finance, you might change somebody's life by helping them get that house loan. Or if you work in a bank you might just be that friendly face that a person counts on seeing when they walk in. You might not know that the person is stressed out about money, but just seeing that smiling face when they walk in the bank makes their life better for that moment.

Treat your customers like you would your grandma or aunt or brother. Remember that this is a person who, like you, has a family and is going to want to share their experience. So will you make it a positive or a negative experience? Listen to the full episode here for more tips on digging out of diet, relationship and career ditches.

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