A Dad's Day Q&A: Favorite Supplements, Keto and Electrolytes, Vacay with Friends and more

In this late night with Emily and Mindy episode, just kidding, we want to wish all the dads out there a very happy Father's Day! Now let's get to the Q&A.

Remember Tang? Emily gives us her full review of tang liquid water enhancer. Plus a new sweet snack she found at the grocery store.

Q1: What makes some fish oil burbles?

Fish oil comes in liquid or capsule forms and has a lot of benefits from heart health to brain health. Despite the benefits, fish oil has been known to cause some GI upset including belching and nausea. The type of fish oil pill, the time of day and how much you take can increase side effects. One study found that capsule type plays a major role in fish oil side effects. Time release capsules may be better tolerated than regular gelcaps. Quality is very important when it comes to reducing the risk of GI upset when taking fish oil. A cheap fish oil is almost guaranteed to give you GI upset. Another option is to put your fish oil pills in the freezer and take them straight from the freezer. This plus taking them in the evening could help reduce belching from taking fish oil.

Q2: if you could only take one supplement on a trip, which would it be and why?

Hands-down, the top choice is the Opti-Greens 50 from 1st Phorm We both love this one and we both hate the bloating that comes with traveling, especially when you fly somewhere. Plus if you're eating differently than you normally would at home having Opti-Greens 50 on hand helps ensure that you get the nutrients you might be missing from all the veggies you typically eat. And since there's two of us, we get to pick two supplements for this question. Our second choice is Level-1 protein powder. It can be used as a quick meal. It mixes great with water, coffee or you can stir it into oatmeal at the hotel breakfast bar.

Q3: What is cryotherapy and is it worth it?

Cryotherapy is a total body therapy where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. It can be full body or localized to certain parts of the body. Ice baths are a form of cryotherapy or cold therapy. Whole body cryotherapy is done by standing in a small tank and the temperature is lowered. Picture yourself standing in an igloo with the top cut out and only your head is sticking out, the rest of your body is in the igloo. The temperature drops to -200 and -300° so this is freezing cold. You'll stay in this temperature for 2 to 4 minutes if you can take it. It's most effective when used regularly, for example athletes will use it to recover faster from an intense workout. It may also help with conditions like atopic dermatitis, migraines, arthritis and nerve conditions.

Q4: What is metabolic syndrome?

It is a cluster of symptoms including high blood sugar, high triglycerides, low HDL and fat around the waist, that occur together and increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. If you have three or more of these conditions you might be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. Up to 1/3 of US adults have it.

Aggressive lifestyle changes can delay the development of metabolic syndrome and therefore the development of heart disease and diabetes. Most of the disorders associated with metabolic syndrome do not have obvious signs or symptoms. Check your waist circumference and get your labs drawn to see if you are at risk. For the lab work, make sure they check your fasting glucose and your full lipid panel. Also it helps to know your own family genetics and family medical history. Don't wait to find out, it's much easier to treat with lifestyle changes then to wait until medications are necessary.

Q5: Why do I need more electrolytes while on a ketogenic diet?

Since insulin levels remain lower on a ketogenic diet due to the lack of carbohydrate, the kidneys are going to get rid of more electrolytes along with fluid. Therefore it's essential people on a ketogenic diet increase their intake electrolytes which can be done through food or supplements. Options like Morton light salt, bone broth, or a product like Nuun tablets. Ultima Replinisher is another option.

Q6: Do you any tips for traveling with friends you have a different lifestyle than you, a.k.a. not so healthy?

First, don't fall to the peer pressure! Make it clear to your friends that you want to stay on your plan to stick to your goals. Verbalize to them why it's important to you as well. If they think you will waiver and don't believe you're committed they might try harder to get you to be thrown off. Stand your ground!

Be sure to bring your own snacks and supplements so that you don't have to rely on what others bring our grocery shop for. You can even do your own Shipt order if that's what it takes.

When you go out to restaurants be the first person to order and if nobody wants to decide where to go eat, this is your chance to choose somewhere with great healthy options. In the end when you stick to your plan, you'll be a good influence on the rest of the group and hopefully some of them will follow your lead. Take this opportunity as a challenge to build your confidence in your healthy lifestyle.

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