Our Aldi Top Ten and Money You Didn't Know You Were Spending

A few episodes ago, we got slightly off track (shocking) and started talking about how we’d both started saving money by finding things we were spending it on without realizing it. In episode 92 we share the savings tips, plus our top 10 Aldi must-buys.

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If you can find $50 you are unknowingly spending, that can go towards that home gym, supplements you’ve been wanting to try, groceries or your favorite charity. The first example is the one we talked about in that episode, which is apps you subscribe to but don’t use. To find these on apple, open the app store app and click on the profile icon (it looks like a head profile). From there click manage subscriptions. Here you will see the apps you’re subscribed to. Let’s say you subscribe to something that is $3.99 a month but you never use. Sure it’s $3.99 but over 12 months, that’s $47.88.

Next, check your automatic payments through paypal. Go to settings, payment and manage automatic payments. Then click manage pre-approved payments page (you’ll find the link towards the bottom of the page). Look through the accounts listed and under the description column, see if anything is auto-renewal that you might want to cancel.

The next one seems small but can add up over a year. When you go out to a restaurant, avoid ordering soda, diet soda or tea and opt for water. Even if you get wine or beer too, you can still save. Let’s say a soda or tea is $2.50 and you go out to eat 3 times a month. That’s $7.50 before tax. Over a year, you’d save $90.

The last one is a big one. Purchase interest charges or finance charges on credit cards, which is the interest you are charged on a debt you owe on that card. I was shocked when I added up what I paid during a 6-month time span last year on one card because I carried the debt instead of paying it off. In that 6 months I paid an extra $275. Poof, gone!

So if we add up the savings from these four things, over a year you would have an extra $430.88 to go towards your health and well-being or even the well-being of others if you choose to donate it.

In the spirit of savings, we shared our top 10 Aldi must-buys. These are the items at Aldi we stock up on or just love.

Mindy’s top 5:

  1. Organic salsa

  2. Nuts, especially walnuts from the baking aisle

  3. Organic marinara sauce

  4. Low sodium organic chicken broth

  5. Frozen blueberries

Emily’s top 5:

  1. All produce

  2. Cheese

  3. Items for the dogs- chicken, pork loin, ground beef, potatoes and vegetables

  4. Spices

  5. Bread

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