Why Success Comes When You Keep a Promise to Yourself

We are constantly learning new things. In episode 85 we learned these new facts about the things we keep:

  • 80% of what we keep, we never use.

  • Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in the average home.

  • The average American burns 55 minutes a day - roughly 12 days a year - looking for things they know they own but cannot find.

  • We wear 20% of the clothes we own 80% of the time. The rest just hangs there, just in case.

In our efforts to be "neat in the New Year" these facts make it clear that we all need to be, as our friend Nicole Loiterstein of St. Louis's NEAT Method says, ruthless editors of our stuff.

Episode 85 is all about promises. We are nearly at the end of January and those resolutions, or as we should look at them as intentions, should still be in full force but lets be real, they are not. You may have lost steam after a little hiccup. That’s just a hiccup though; you don’t have to derail your entire year because of a minor hiccup.

That’s like choosing not to drive your car for the rest of the year because you got a flat tire last week. The crazy thing is we will go to an immense amount of work, money and headaches to keep things like our cars in good running condition but we easily fail to do that with our bodies and overall health including out mindset.

Keeping a promise to yourself matters. When we don't keep a promise to someone, it communicates to that person that we don't value him or her. We have chosen to put something else ahead of our commitment. Even when we break small promises, others learn that they cannot count on us. Tiny fissures develop in our relationships marked by broken promises and the exact same goes for yourself. You break so many promises to yourself even you don’t believe you!

Something to ask yourself is:

"Am I being realistic"

Life moves at the speed of light and we often have to pick and choose how we spend our time. Consider your schedule, and ask yourself if this is a promise you can keep. It is always better to under-commit and over-deliver than over-promise and fall short. This is a major issues with diet and fitness. We overcommit and think we can do all the things on top of our busy schedule and when that doesn’t happen, we lose momentum.

So how do we keep a promise to ourselves? It’s about building a new habit:

  1. Comit to ONE new habit at a time

  2. Commit for a minimum of 30 days

  3. Anchor the new habit and promise you make to a current habit like “after I brush my teeth I’ll pack my gym bag for after work.”

  4. Take baby steps. Making “micro-promises” at first is okay, as long as you keep them. Start with working out for 20 minutes a day then build up as that habit grows and you’re keeping that promise to yourself.

  5. Make a plan for obstacles. If it’s fitness and the weather is bad, promise yourself you will do a workout at home.

  6. Create accountability through a spouse, friend or group so someone is checking in on you.

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