Resolutions You Won't Have to Revive

Episode 84 is all about making resolutions, aka intentions, that you won’t have to revive later in the year. No matter how you do it, it’s important to plan. Like the overused saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail.” It’s overused and said a lot because it’s true.

The intentions you set for the year could be related to work, personal development, your relationships, your home, your health and more. So the questions that always follows is what can I do to create new habits, instead of trying to revive a resolution later in the year? Try these tips:

  • Stop planning everything for 2 weeks except your musts, like work, family and health. Don’t plan any dinners out with friends, extra activities or trips if possible. Use the two weeks to take inventory of all the things that go on in your week. With your schedule cleared, you can start fresh and plan to implement changes.

  • List out your priorities, needs and wants. Plan your priorities into the week first, then needs, and last, if there is time in the week, plug in your wants (such as I want to go to the antique store).

  • Choose 30 minutes one day week to do this process scheduling in your priorities, needs and wants for the week.

For example, if your intention for the year is to eat healthier, plan as a priority for the week to go grocery shopping or schedule grocery delivery. Many times we sign up or want to do things then the day takes control of us and before you know it is 10:00 pm, you’re exhausted and it’s time for bed. Starting a new habit or routine is not only a nice change of pace but it’s also a confidence builder because you know you’re able to succeed at what you set out to do.

Listen to the full episode here including four tips to find the perfect planner.

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