What's Trending in Fitness and Diet for 2019?

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In episode 83, we highlight the predicted trends for fitness and the diet industry in 2019. Let’s start with fitness trends. Here are a few trends predicted by My Fitness Pal

  • 30 minute workouts will be big in 2019. Expect to see shortened versions of popular group trainings like cycling and HIIT workouts.

  • Streaming cardio grew in 2018 and will continue to grow in 2019. Brands like Peloton offer this service for bike and treadmill.

  • Next is Ninja Warrior style gyms or parkour gyms. Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. So picture a gym with places to jump, climb and walls to run up.

  • This next one sounds really fun. It’s HIIT fusion. It can be a combination of high intensity intervals with a type of exercise like pilates, so you are getting maximum fat burn and strengthening and toning.

  • Multi-functional equipment is next on the list. To save time, money and space, look for machines that combine cardio and resistance in one.

  • Last is mindfulness apps. We should anticipate mindfulness and meditation to remain a hot topic and new apps to download that promote this idea of slowing down and living in the present. Which is odd that we would be present while on our phones but it could be possible. A few examples of these apps are Headspace, Calm and Omvana.

Moving on to diet trends for 2019. In 2018, opposing diets were all the rage (think keto versus vegan diets). We have also seen over the last few years, elimination diets trending such as a gluten free diet (not just for celiac disease), going dairy-free, lectin-free and low FODMAP diets to name a few. In 2019, digestive wellness diets will continue to grow, there will be less focus on calories and more focus on eating whole foods (even Weight Watchers, now WW, is going this way) and keto will continue to grow not just for weight loss but for other metabolic benefits.

There is more research on what role your gut microbiome play in your health. As research comes out highlighting how much it can effect, more people will look for a diet that helps their microbiome, or healthy gut bacteria, thrive. So in 2019 expect this to be a big trend in diets.

Hormone health will drive women and men to find a diet, doctor and even home test kits to help their hormones. It definitely looks like diets are shifting more towards specific health needs and less about weight management.

People are starting to understand that it’s not just about calories but about getting your health in order to prevent or fight disease. Often a positive side effect of doing that is weight is easier to manage. People are investing more in things like IV vitamin drips, supplements, massage and acupuncture along with healthy food for overall well-being. The quote “health is the first wealth” is really sinking in.

Hear more 2019 trends on the full episode here.

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