Rapid-fire Nutrition Q&A, Creative Recipes with Protein Powder and Prepping for Pups, aka The Ca

This episode is a true casserole of topics. A little of this, a few rapid-fire questions, a dash of puppy meal prep and topping it off with creative uses for protein powder.

We start off with rapid fire questions for Emily where we find out she would rather wear velvet zebra print over purple anything, any day and that caramel apples are her top choice for a sweet treat. A more educational rapid fire question for Emily was to share what three pieces of kitchen tools or equipment are essential for meal prep beginners. She suggests a slow cooker, grill pan and a good knife. Check out the links below for all three!

6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Square Grill Pan

Half Face Blades for great knives

Next Emily shared a basic recipe for a healthy smoothie along with proper layering for the best blend. Emily's cookbook, The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen, has smoothie recipes for each season!

Basic Smoothie


(Put in blender in this order for a regular blender or in opposite order for smaller smoothie blenders like Magic Bullet.)

  1. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

  2. 1 scoop Level-1 protein powder

  3. 1 small handful of greens like baby spinach

  4. 1 cup frozen fruit

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

For my rapid fire questions, I explain why I hate enriched flour and one thing most Americans should do to improve their health

Basically enriched flour acts in your body the same way sugar does. It’s stripped of the protein, fiber and nutrients, essentially everything that is good for you in wheat. They then add back some B-vitamins to “enrich” it. There was a time period when this was essential for getting enough micronutrients, but we generally get these from other foods now and vitamins. We digest it quickly, blood sugar spikes, followed by being hungry shortly after. Many healthy-looking foods in the grocery store are made mostly with enriched flour and sugar, such as cereal bars, “wheat” crackers and “wheat” waffles. Be sure to check the ingredient list to see the first ingredients listed! If it is enriched flour, wheat flour or unbleached wheat flour, it’s essentially stripped down wheat. If you are looking for 100% whole wheat products, the first ingredients needs to be “whole wheat flour.” Rant over.

Of the hundreds of things Americans should do to improve their health, the first one that comes to mind is eating less processed and fast foods. Money spent dining out has topped money spent on groceries and that’s not a trend that will help the health of Americans. Grab your slow cooker and get cooking!

Emily gets asked often about her furry bulldogs, especially their diet. The English Bulldogs, Otis and

Charley (who are featured in the Otis and Charley's Hardworking Tails educational children’s books!) had their own health transformations, going from being overweight to healthy little furballs with homemade food. Click here to see how Emily's meal preps for the pups.

Read the list of foods never to feed your dogs here.

Last we share a few creative uses for protein powder.

  • Overnight oats: mix old fashioned oats with a scoop of protein powder and water or unsweetened almond milk. Optional add-ins are fruit, nuts, cinnamon, peanut butter, or stevia.

  • Pancakes: try Emily’s Vanilla Protein Pancakes in her cookbook, The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen

  • Protein pudding: stir just enough water into a scoop of protein powder in a cup to make a pudding-like consistency. Add frozen blueberries to turn it into more of a soft serve

  • Ice cream: blend protein powder with ice, milk and a dash of xanthan gum

  • Protein bites: quick, healthy snacks made with simple ingredients.

  • Homemade protein bars: Emily’s go-to healthy meal on the go!

We also shared a preview of an upcoming episode with our two biggest fans, Karen and Kathy, aka our moms!

More rapid-fire questions and healthy living tips in the full episode. Listen here!

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