Navigating the Supplement Store with Brian Teach, National Sales Director at 1st Phorm

Special guest and the Godfather of the supplement world, Brian Teach, joins us for an all-things nutritional supplements episode. Teach is the national sales director for 1stPhorm and is a self-proclaimed “former meathead” who started training in college and wanted to know the “why” behind all of the recommendations he was getting for taking supplements. He’s done the research and is sharing it with us today.

Read on for answers to your supplement questions from the Godfather himself and listen to episode 60 Navigating the Supplement Store for all the details, plus a round of rapid-fire questions with Teach to settle an ongoing Food in Session debate!

Q: What are nutritional supplements and how should they be used?

A: They should be used to supplement your fitness program and goals. It will be different for everyone based on needs and lifestyle.

Q: How important is a protein supplement? When do you use different types?

A: It is essential in making the muscle more active and in muscle protein synthesis. The best way to be successful is to have 20 to 30 grams of protein 5 to 6 times per day for most people trying to gain lean mass or lose fat. If you’re intermittent fasting, try getting your protein in around a workout if your goal is muscle gain.

Q: What protein do you take for post-workout?

A: Hydrolyzed isolate protein and glycogen replacement. 1stPhorm’s stack is Phormula-1 with Ignition. Taking your multivitamin at this time is also a good option.

Q: If someone is new to the supplement world and looking for a few supplements to add in their routine for general health, what do you recommend?

A: 1. A good quality protein

2. A good quality multivitamin

3. Fish oil for anti-inflammatory effects

Q: What about supplements for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

A: Always talk to your doctor about supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Certainly they will tell you to avoid stimulants like fat burners and pre-workout supplements. Look more towards whole food supplements, like protein powder, prenatal vitamins and fish oil.

Q: If someone is looking to lose weight, what do you suggest for supplements?

A: First, consistency in the diet is key. Be consistent at least two weeks before you determine if the plan if working for you or not. A protein powder is key for weight loss.

Q: If someone is looking to gain weight and muscle, what do you suggest for supplements?

A: Most of the “weight gainer” protein powders are filled with fillers. You are better off using a quality whey protein and adding a good carb source, like oats, and fat source, like macadamia nut oil, to the shake.

Q: In 17 years in the fitness and diet world, what is the worst trend you have seen?

A: The first is following screwy fad diets. Once you lose the weight on the crazy diet, it’s difficult to maintain it once you go off the fad diet. The second thing would be comparing your fitness journey to someone else. Every BODY is different.

Q: Do you think nutritional supplements are more important now than they were thirty years ago?

A: I do because our lifestyles nowadays are busier and we rarely sit down for meals. We live in high stress environments and rely on convenience.

Click here to iisten to episode 60 to hear more answers to questions on kids and supplements, why women don’t “bulk” up from using supplements and rapid-fire questions with Teach (he has some really good answers!).

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