Weight Management and Maintenance

You did the work and hit your goal! Now what? Are you done? This episode is all about what to do to maintain weight and tips for when it goes off-course.

This is something many people struggle with, weight going in the opposite direction of what you want. You go hardcore towards the goal, reach the goal weight, then cut a little slack but pretty soon that little slack in the rope is the whole rope and you get out of healthy routines, gain a little (or all) the weight back then are left wondering what the hell happened!

You enter the maintenance phase when the goal has been achieved. So what exactly is maintenance? It’s simply maintaining the efforts you worked to achieve.

Once you reach that goal, what you choose to do next is just as important. It’s easier said than done to stay in a determined and motivated mindset but its key to remember how hard you worked for it. Think of it like a bank account. You work so hard to save and save so when you meet your goal, you don’t just stop saving and blow it all on one shopping trip. You work to continue progress and continue to save (maybe spending just a little on something fun).

One thing Emily does when maintaining is to do weigh-ins and/or measurements each week as well as photos at the same time and with the same outfit and same lighting. Since she is tall, she might not notice she is carrying an extra 15 pounds without these measures and, in fact, learned that lesson the hard way when she stepped on the scale one day and was up 17 pounds! Her process now of weekly measurements ensures she stays in maintenance.

Emily also mentioned the 1stPhorm Transphormation Contest which starts up on April 9th. Anyone can enter! If you are looking for a way to shape up for summer, this is it.

For me, I know if I’m not exercising regularly for a few weeks (4 to 5 days a week is my usual), that I will start to slide out of my maintenance targets. Muscles will get slack and that belly will bloat! Plus my energy level will slump. Pull-ups or push-ups are a good measure to test muscle strength (or lack of from slacking off!)

Everyone has their good and not-so-great time periods. You might see people on Instagram acting like diet Jesus and they never mess up, but we are here to tell you they are liars! Everyone has their cravings and will give into them. That’s normal. That’s human! But what is key is knowing how to get back in the zone and make progress. For Emily, Sunday’s are a dining out day which might mean going over her target macros and drinking a beer or two or … (no judgment here!). When this happens she simply wakes up the next day and drink double her normal water intake that day and the next. Then, she does a full body circuit style workout and finishes it off with 7 minutes of HIIT cardio. This puts those extra carbs to use and also boosts fat-burning.

Studies show 8 out of 10 people regain their weight or even gain more. And 60% of this is due to improper food knowledge, not being informed of how to read nutrition labels and portion control or simply not tracking food all together. Using an app like My Macros or My Fitness Pal can put nutrition into a clear picture and guide your food choices back to your goal.

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