Love and Diets

It's common when a couple living together will often times diet together. However, sometimes you and your significant other may follow two separate diets based on what each person's body responds to best. So how do you cook and plan for two different diets all while staying in relationship bliss? There is a balance there and we promise it’s not worth the stress!

Cooking for two diets is only as difficult and daunting as you make it. Our first example is one person is following a ketogenic diet and the other does a macro based diet. Use a grill pan and grill a piece of chicken and a steak or 80/20 burger on opposite sides of the pan for the proteins. For vegetables, saute or steam them with non-stick cooking spray and when they are done add either an olive oil drizzle or butter to the leto meal and a simple Uncle Ben's rice pouch to add carbs to the macro meal. It takes no extra time and both parties get exactly what they need.

When cooking for two diets, be diligent about a meal planning time. Set aside thirty minutes, one day a week, to write down meals to make that week. Let's say someone is keto and the other is a clean eater. Create your grilled chicken, sweet potato and broccoli as you would. Then add a slice of cheese to melt on top of the chicken and add some oil or butter to the broccoli. That's an easy add on of 23grams of fat for a keto meal.

The next example is a vegan diet and a macro diet. For this combo, try a peanut thai salad plain or with some vegan meat substitute and for the macro dieter, grill a chicken breast and add that on top. Simple swaps make it quick and easy!

To make meal planning for the week simple, start with dishes your family enjoys. Choose six for the week and save one night if you want to go out to dinner or have a family pizza night. As you choose those six recipes, find ones with similar ingredients so you won’t have to stock your fridge and pantry with lots of ingredients which can save time and money. Make a grocery list to pair with that week's dinner menus so it is easy to repeat when needed. Then, after you've created a few weeks of menus and grocery lists, you can easily rotate them each week and already have the planning part done. ready to go.

Here is a one week menu for a couple following a keto and a macro diet:​

  • Burgers and Brussels- use fattier beef for keto burger and add cheese; add butter to the keto Brussels sprouts.​

  • Thai Peanut Chicken- add peanuts and toasted sesame seed oil to the keto version.

  • Chicken Fried Rice- use cauliflower rice for both meals but add oil to finish the keto meal and add fruit on the side or diced pineapple to add carbs to the macro meal.

  • Steak/Chicken and Asparagus: make bacon wrapped asparagus for the keto meal and rice for the macro meal.

  • Italian baked Chicken: melt 2 slices of cheese on the chicken for the keto meal and serve whole wheat pasta with the macro meal. Serve a salad with both using full fat dressing for the keto meal and a light vinegar based dressing for the macro meal.​

  • Keto Pizza/Macro Pizza: use a low carb crust like Cali'flour Foods Original Italian crust and add favorite meat and veggie toppings, but watch out for tomato sauces with added sugar. For both diets, finish the meal with dessert- fat bombs for keto and low-fat ice cream like Edy's Slow Churn for macro.

Remember to double up any of this recipes if you want leftovers for lunches.

To round out this Valentine's Day episode, we shared the top requested V-Day gifts from women and men. For women:

  • A token from or chance to relive your first date

  • A spa day at home- basket of bath goodies and pampering

  • A necklace with her favorite mantra like “peace” or "breathe”

  • Have the man clean the house as a total surprise when she arrives home

  • Cook dinner and clean up the dishes

  • Upscale blender

Now for the men:

  • Anything handmade

  • Cook a great, elaborate dinner

  • Stay in bed longer in the morning and actually enjoy the morning

  • Go out for drinks, appetizers and great desserts- skip dinner

  • Amazon Gift Card

  • Good headphones

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