Dine Out without Ditching Your Goals

Enjoying a Billy G's Macro Menu meal by Emily Frisella

It's January and we get excited to start new, healthy habits and we really want to do well. The fork in the road (pun intended) is when we dine out. We suddenly forget everything about healthy eating and for some it brings anxiety because we know what to eat and how much at home but going out is a whole other story. Here are three tips to know before you go out to eat:

  1. Look up the menu online with Google or Yelp. Decide what you will order beforehand. Avoid red flags on the menu such as creamy, crispy, fried, smothered and breaded. Some green flags for the menu are key words like grilled, steamed, broiled, baked and roasted.

  2. Choose the places you’ll go. When given the option, choose a place you know has healthier options.

  3. Have a snack before you go to avoid sitting down at a restaurant with a growling belly that's making menu decisions for you!

One of Emily's latest snack finds is GG's Crackers with reduced-fat cream cheese. Three of those helps take the "edge" off hunger before dining out.

When you do get a large meal, plan for leftovers. Not only is it great portion control but then lunch is already packed for the next day! Ask for a to-go box at the start of the meal (out of sight, out of mind!). Remind yourself to slow down when you eat. Take your time, it’s not a race! Sit, enjoy it and savor it . Take the time to experience food and not just eat it.

Some quick measurements to help while dining out:

  • For pasta, rice or potatoes, a fist sized portion is the right amount.

  • For meat, go with a palm sized amount

  • For vegetables, the more the merrier!

The new year brings lots of new diets so if you are interested to find out more about different plans, go back and listen to episode 37 “Diet Decoder” where we break down all the most popular diets and personalities that are a good fit for each. Remember, the only diet and workout routine that will work for you is the one that you are consistent with!

We wish you all a happy, healthy and successful year!

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