Kitchen Renovation

Organizing the pantry for a healthy New Year

With New Years around the corner, we are covering kitchen renovations, but not construction type. This episode is about organizing and setting yourself up for a successful and healthy 2018.

If you listed to our “Create a Healthy Environment” episode number 8, you know that setting up your environment is critical so we wanted to share some helpful tips to make easy changes. First we talk about the all-too-common "kitchen roam." You know the one where you feel a little hungry so you venture to the kitchen and open the fridge to see what has magically appeared. Then, disappointed, we head to the pantry to graze on snacks when we probably are not even hungry! Let's change that. Start by getting rid of the junk. During the holidays, you might have more candy, baking ingredients and goodies around. Keep them tucked away on a high shelf so they are out of sight and out of mind. Replace the less healthy foods with healthy versions and keep those healthy versions at eye level, so you will be more likely to grab them.

A common excuse for bringing candy, cookies and other tasty junk food in the house is "it's for the kids/grandkids." That ends now! Why do we buy stuff that is not healthy for us but deem it okay for our families?

Try keeping ready to eat fruits and vegetables at eye-level in clear containers in your refrigerator. When you open the refrigerator looking for a snack, these will be right there, ready to eat!

If grazing has become a nightly habit, try these two tips:

  1. Change your routine. Do something during that time that is more rewarding than snacking. Examples are reading 10 pages of a favorite book, looking at family photos or scrapbooking or taking a hot bubble bath.

  2. Use meditation to avoid mindless eating. Try "box breathing" the next time you are tempted to graze when you are not truly hungry. To box breathe, breathe in for four seconds, hold in the breath for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds and hold for four seconds. Try several rounds of this and you will soon forget about those chocolate chips hidden in the top shelf behind the foil.

As we go into 2018, Emily shares how she organizes her schedule. This is a must for people (like Mindy) who resolve to be organized! Categorize tasks for the week as a priority, a need or a want. Priorities must get done, needs are tasks like picking up the laundry and wants are those things you want to do if you have time. By scheduling these out like appointments, you can find the time and use time more efficiently. Start with the priorities of the week. Then fill in times to complete the needs. Last, see where you have 30 minutes here and there to complete the wants (like wanting to paint old picture frames or reorganize a kitchen cabinet).

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