Facing Burnout and Lack of Motivation

Emily Frisella recording Food in Session Podcast in St. Louis studio

Feeling fitness burnout? We feel it too! Burnout happens, especially in the world of nutrition and fitness. In this episode we cover why we face burnout, what to do when motivation is MIA and how to address burnout and head in the right direction when it happens.

Burnout wears the mask of many things that creep up on you and cause overall exhaustion where even the smallest of tasks seem to take a boatload of your energy. There are limits to the human body, despite the IG "I never sleep" and "I work 48 hours straight" posts. There are many reasons why we face burnout and many confuse it with lack of interest, but these are different. In burnout, as much as you may want to keep going, your body and mind are telling you otherwise. Imagine driving down the road and you really want to reach your destination, but the car is low on gas, then you get a flat tire, and finally when the gas tank is screaming "E!!!" you come to a stop. It doesn't matter that you want to get to the destination, your vehicle has reached burnout.

Motivation is a word plastered on notebooks, canvases, clothing and more. It seems if we could only stay motivated all of the time our problems would be solved, right? As you know, motivation ebbs and flows, comes and goes. What you choose to do when motivation is missing in action makes all of the difference. This is where determination and discipline take center stage. There are many tasks in life we would rather not do (study, dishes, cardio!), but doing them repeatedly can make all the difference in reaching your goals. It's determination and discipline, not motivation, that lead you to complete those small but necessary tasks.

The next time you are lacking motivation, try these 5 steps to regain it:

  1. Remember why you started. What originally drove you to set that goal? It may be several things!

  2. Visualize (yes, actually picture in your head) yourself and how you will feel once you reach the goals you set for yourself.

  3. Realize that it’s ok to not feel 100% every single day, but it’s your responsibility to get up, get moving to be better than the day before (determined!).

  4. Do one thing you truly enjoy. Not only will this allow you a little time to relax and enjoy yourself but it will also offer you a mental refresher and help you get “back in the game."

  5. Create a vision board. As we have said before, it doesn’t have to be big, flashy or fancy. Just a piece of paper with photos stuck to it will do. This will help you feel motivated right away because the act of creating it alone gets you motivated and it will help break the cycle of feeling less than motivated by displaying this board in a visible area you will pass by each day.

Burnout due to a chronic disease, like diabetes, is common, but also commonly overlooked. If you feel tired of the daily requirements of diabetes care like taking medications or checking blood sugars and are more likely to skip it than do it, you may be facing burnout. Diabetes burnout is a sign of diabetes distress. The Diabetes Distress Scale is a short questionnaire to help assess the level of diabetes distress. Click here to read more about diabetes distress and tips to lessen the stress load.

We all hit a wall from time to time! Stop trying to be a perfectionist, accept that rest is good for the body and use your determination and discipline to reach your goals.

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