Conquering Cravings

Cravings are real!  There is always a healthy alternative but sometimes the real thing is the key.

For some it's sweet and for others it's salt. We are talking about food cravings. No matter what form they come in, one thing is for sure...they will come! In this episode you will learn about the nature of cravings, what triggers your cravings and what to do about it.

Donuts, Moon Pies, sweet potato fries fried extra crispy. Yep, we crave those things too. We are all human beings with beating hearts. That's a good thing! If you're cravings seem to take over your appetite, read on to learn how to deal with them.

Cravings are often:

  • Sudden

  • In response to emotions (happy, sad, mad, etc)

  • Sometimes mindless

  • Triggered by what we see or hear

Here are four tips to help conquer your cravings no matter how they start.

Address stress

Stress hormones can be a real b-! Those daily stressors like frustration with co-workers, financial stress or worrying about family members tend to be the kind of stressors that bring on cravings. Instead of caving in to cravings, try to retrain your brain. When the urge to snack from stress comes on, do something else to stimulate happiness, like listening to your favorite music or read a page from your favorite book. Also, whether you give into a craving or not, the urge will come AND go. Give yourself time to wait it out.

Check your intake

Are you eating too few calories or restricting food groups? Sometimes these self-imposed food rules backfire and lead to more cravings. Try this instead: plan to enjoy small portions of your favorite foods (1 really good donut instead of 5 just-okay low fat cookies) and/or tell yourself, "I can have anything I want to eat, but I choose today to have..." Give yourself back the power of choice and see what happens to your cravings.

ID your triggers

When do you do your mindless eating? Watching TV? In the car? At social gatherings? Narrowing this down will help you know where to focus your efforts. Try changing your behavior around this habit. For example, if you tend to mindlessly eat at your desk, try this:

  • Remove the contraband from arm's reach

  • Keep water within arm's reach

  • Put a healthy option in a portion controlled pack

Use the apple trick

If you just cannot determine whether a craving is actual hunger or just a craving, use the apple trick. Ask yourself if something simple, like an apple or piece of plain grilled chicken, would be satisfying in that moment. If the answer is yes, you might be hungry. If the answer is definitely no, it's probably a craving. Try drinking a glass of water to pass the craving.

Tune in to episode 38 to learn more about conquering cravings and click here for healthier snack ideas for sweet and salty cravings, because sometimes you just need a snack!

Cravings happen!

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