Dive Deeper into Daily Water Recommendations

In this episode we cover how much water you should be drinking, how to get there and do a few too many water puns. Sorry, they just spill out.

A quick way to estimate you daily water or fluid goal is to divide your weight in pounds by 2.2. For example, 200 pounds divided by 2.2 is about 90. This is about the number of ounces needed daily. Divide this by 8 to get your goal in cups. For this example, it's about 11.3 cups.

If you know you are not drinking enough water and have not made a true effort to dose, you might be surprised by the difference it makes in how you feel. To reach your daily goal try these tips:

  • Every morning, fill a 64-ounce to 96-ounce container with water for the day. When you drink all the water in the container, you have met your daily water need of 8 to 12 cups.

  • Drink water with meals and snacks.

  • Add slices of lemon, lime or orange to water for a hint of flavor. Water enhancers like Stur help flavor water with little or no calories.

  • Always keep a water bottle with you.

  • When passing a water fountain, stop and take a drink.

  • At social gatherings substitute sparkling water for alcoholic drinks, or alternate them.

  • Drink water before, every 15 minutes during, and after physical activity.

  • Weigh before and after exercise. The difference is almost all water. Replace each pound lost with 2 cups of water.

About 80% of your total fluid intake comes from beverages and the other 20% comes from foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Watermelons, tomatoes, lettuce and celery contain more than 90% water, and oranges are 87% water. Work more fluids into your diet by having fruit when you crave something sweet or by adding cucumber and tomato slices to sandwiches.