One Year of Podcasting Fun and Shenanigans!

We are celebrating one year of podcasting! In this "Guppy Year" review we share our favorite memories, top episodes, episodes worth a second listen and answer the most FAQs.

Some of the top episodes from the year were:

  • Jenna Fail Motivates and Educates Us Through All Stages of Fitness

  • Eat For Your Goals with John Gorman

  • My Biggest Problem Is...

  • Batch Cooking Bootcamp

  • Take Ownership

We want to know, what was your favorite episode? What's something you learned from year one of Food in Session? Go to our IG page @foodinsessionpodcast to share your favorite moments!

Here are a few episodes that we think are worth a second listen:

  • Here's to a Healthy Holiday Season- this episode can apply to all holidays, parties and get-togethers

  • Health Travels with Alyse Scaffidi- Alyse, a traveling, fit, super-fun pharm-D shared her best tips for being healthy on the road. Listen to this one about a week before your next trip.

  • Sweat- Why it's a Good Thing- if your exercise motivation is slipping, go back and listen to all the amazing reasons we should sweat!

  • My Biggest Problem Is- listen for yourself or recommend to a friend who is struggling to ditch the "I can't eat healthy/exercise" excuses. They will thank you in the long run......we think!

A year flies by! We share tips to knock out your goals in the next year. First, are your goals your goals? Think hard about what YOU really want to accomplish, not what you think others expect of you. Next, commit! One thing that all of our guests have said is commitment to goals is key. Next, make a plan with all of the steps to reach that goal and execute. If there are bumps in the road, good! That's expected. Pick up and get back on the plan. Celebrate milestones and enjoy the process.

Our podcast resolutions for the year are to put out more episodes (3 per month!) and spread the word on prevention, especially for prediabetes and diabetes.

While we did not reach our goal of the top spot in our iTunes category (grrrrrrrr), we did have a blast this past year in podcasting and want to say THANK YOU for your support and kind reviews on iTunes! You guys keep us going and hopefully we keep you thinking, cooking, moving and laughing.

Cheers to the next year of FIS!

Mindy Musselman and Emily Frisella, co-hosts of Food in Session podcast