Teach Your Children Well, with Jillian Tedesco, Creator of Fit Flavors and The Smoothie Bar

Jillian Tedesco, chef and creator of Fit Flavors and The Smoothie Bar

The boss of healthy, delicious grab-and-go food joins us in episode 30. She's a business creator and owner, chef, mother of two wild and crazy boys, wife, yogi and all-around superstar in the nutrition world. We love her! It's Jillian Tedesco, creator of Fit Flavors and The Smoothie Bar, and she's talking about her path to building a business, feeding a family, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Our "worth it or waste it" topic is Fit Tea aka "poop tea". We agree it's a waste it for long term health and at best you will loose some water weight. Jillian adds that if you want to stay regular just eat lots of vegetables and whole grains! Poo will be no problem for you. ;)

Jillian started out in the world of fitness and training, living in Miami after high school. Fit Flavors was not her first shot at having her own business. She owned a gym prior to getting in to healthy cooking. Preparing meals for her training clients out of her home and get requests for more, she decided it would be best to go to culinary school. Once meal prep and packaging took over her kitchen, living room and dining room, it was time to open a prep kitchen and store front. Enter Fit Flavors first store in Chesterfield, Missouri. There are now three Fit Flavors locations and The Smoothie Bar inside one location.

Fit Flavors sets the bar high for quality, variety and taste. Jillian says,"It's gotta be perfect, your product. It's all about the food. If the food isn't superb, I don't think people are going to come back." She's a stickler about using processes to ensure great quality, consistency and flavor. As for the smoothie bar, this is one like no other. Order exactly what is on the menu and rest assured you are getting a truly good-for-you smoothie with all the right macronutrients.

Feeding a one-year-old and three-year-old has its challenges. Jillian admits her kids ask for sugar and chocolate sometimes, but by keeping healthy options in the home and offering those, most of the time they eat very healthy. She believes its her job as a parent to feed her kids healthy foods. She's also taking on that responsibility to feed all of St. Louis the healthiest, freshest foods possible.

Tune in to this episode to hear three tips from Jillian on living your healthiest life. Stay up to date on everything going on at Fit Flavors, including fitU, their healthy lifestyle program:

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In the St. Louis area? Check out Fit Flavors and The Smoothie Bar!

Creve Coeur (The Smoothie Bar is at this location)

11615 Olive Blvd. Creve Coeur, MO 63141


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