Q&A- Probiotics, Our Diets and Protein Snacks

What's even better than Moon Pies and Protein Donuts?? A bonus Q&A Food in Session episode!!

Mindy's protein donut birthday cake made by Emily!

Question 1: What probiotic do you like?

Answer: Easy question! We use the same one called Alpine Sports Products Probiotic Select which we get locally at Supplement Superstores. Out of town? Call one of the stores and ask it to be shipped. Find a store here

Question 2: How do you figure out your starting macros?

Answer: Start with a food tracking app like My Macros Plus or My Fitness Pal. Eat as you normally have been eating and track EVERYTHING! Each bite, add it to the app. This will tell you the amount of calories your body is currently taking in, and if weight loss is the goal, this will tell you the amount of calories you are maintaining or even gaining weight at. We recommend John Gorman's book, The Flexible Fat Loss Solution, if fat loss is your goal.

Question 3: What are some good higher protein snacks?

Answer: Here are a few of our favorites:

-Protein donuts and other yummy protein treats from Emily's cookbook, The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen

-No bake protein bars

-Hard boiled eggs

-Nuts (watch the portion, 1/4 cup)

-Beef or turkey jerky

-Protein shakes

-Protein smoothie

-Greek yogurt (look for one with 15 grams carbohydrate or less per serving like Chobani Simply 100)

-Ready-to-eat bars like Luna, Special K meal bar, or One bars

-Cottage cheese

-Protein poppers

-Hummus with veggies

-Tuna packets with Mary's Gone Crackers

-Lettuce and deli turkey wraps

Question 4: What do you guys eat??

Answer: Great question! Emily follows a plan in which she knows how much protein, fat and carbohydrates she needs in a day aka a Macro diet. Mindy considers herself an "intuitive" eater, eating foods that are healthy most of the time and eats to be satisfied, not stuffed!

A sample day for Mindy:

Breakfast- overnight oats with 1 scoop Level-1 protein, frozen blueberries and walnuts

Snack (if needed)- Greek yogurt or a piece of fruit and nuts

Lunch- Fit Flavors meal or leftovers from dinner (no Mindy does NOT eat raw chunks of Velveeta for lunch)

Post-workout- 1 scoop Phormula-1 protein with Ignition

Dinner- typically meat and veggies for example pork chop or salmon with roasted asparagus and if needed, a carb choice like brown rice or a sweet potato

Snack- tortilla chips and 100-calorie Wholly Guacamole, dark chocolate, protein donut or glass of wine

A sample day for Emily:

Breakfast- 2 scoops Phormula-1 protein and an Rx protein bar

Post-workout- 2 scoops Phormula-1 protein, Van's Gluten Free Original waffles with whipped honey butter

Snack- turkey and lettuce wraps

Dinner- coconut lime shrimp with roasted veggies

Dessert- banana, Edy's Slow Churn ice cream or a small smoothie