Navigating the Gas Station for Healthy Options

Get ready for your next road trip with your health goals in mind. Eating healthy on the road is possible! In this episode we share healthy gas station foods, snacks that travel well, our favorite on-the-go workouts and our most memorable road trips.

In our "worth it or waste" segment, we cover smart water bottles. These water bottles are designed to help you remember to drink water throughout the day. Two options we discussed on the market are MyHydrate, which uses sound and LED lights to teach water drank and costs around $40, and Ulla, which lights up when you forget to drink and costs about $25. Bottom line- if you forget to drink water and want help keeping track, they could be a good investment but the Ulla only works if you are standing by to see the lights go off so you need to keep it with you through the day. Aim to drink 11 ounces of water an hour and over 12 hours you will get in a gallon a day.

In addition to drinking plenty of water on road trips, we talk about the healthiest options at the gas station such as nuts, fresh fruit, Popchips, string cheese, KIND bars, and snack packs with nuts, cheese and meat or veggies. If these options are not at the gas station, look for items with the least amount of ingredients and avoid sugar and enriched wheat flour as the first ingredient. Try to find a snack with some protein (6 grams of protein is equal to the amount in 1 egg).

Travel workouts are some of our favorites! Emily likes resistance bands since they are easy to pack and can be used anywhere to replace most exercises you would do in a fully stocked gym. Mindy likes walking the local neighborhood and recommends The Daily Burn app for workouts while traveling.