Batch Cooking Bootcamp

We all hear the term "meal prep" so much that you would think it was just a flashy buzz word. However, meal prep and batch cooking (two terms meaning essentially the same thing- preparing your meal in advance) are surefire ways to ensure success of your nutrition program.

For simplicity, let's call it meal prep. Meal prep is for everyone! Busy families, college students, athletes, couples and so on. Meal prep is making a plan of attack to make some or all of your meals in one super spectacular kitchen session. For some, that means making all of the lunches for the week in 2 hours on a Sunday. Or making breakfast for the work week on Sunday evening. It may also include batch prepping, which is preparing ingredients for later use. For example, dicing bell peppers and onions to use in recipes later in the week. Take a little time on your off day to save time during the work week.

To get started with meal prep, try these 2 tips:

1. Choose your most challenging meal of the day; the one you struggle the most with to get in a healthy meal. Prep that meal in advance. For example, if you are always running out the door in the morning, try prepping overnight oats to grab in the morning.

2. Use your slow cooker. You can cook chicken while you sleep! Chicken can be used in many meals throughout the week.

Tune into episode 21 Batch Cooking Bootcamp for more information on meal prep cost, time and stress savings!