Healthy Travels, Non-Scale Victories and Hanging Out with the BiteSized Family!

Mindy Musselman, Alyse Scaffidi and Emily Frisella, a night out in St. Louis with the Supplement Superstores and 1st Phorm crew

We not only got Alyse Scaffidi, founder of BiteSizedFitness, on Food in Session, but we also got to hang out with the BiteSized Family! Alyse, her sister Lexi and mom Cindi know how to light up a room, stay healthy as a family and dress to impress.

In episode 20, Alyse takes us through her travel regimen and how she stays healthy on the road. Alyse travels typically twice a month (in addition to BiteSizedFitness, she's a doctor of pharmacy! Busy, busy!). Two of her tips mentioned on the show are:

1) Pack your snacks (protein bars and shakes) and vitamins!

2) Ask for a refrigerator (if there isn't already one) in your hotel room so you can store healthy meals instead of going out for fast food.

Beautiful women inside and out!  Lexi, Cindi and Alyse Scaffidi with Emily Frisella

We also talk about non-scale victories- those "yes!" moments we have when living a healthy lifestyle, that have nothing to do with stepping on a scale. Non-scale victories are incredibly important, yet often overlooked.

To learn more about Alyse and BiteSizedFitness, check our her website and follow her on Instagram @bitesizedfitness