Brian Teach, aka Brian the Brain, Talks Macros, Muscle Building, and Fat Loss

Mindy, Brian Teach and Emily.  One of us may or may not be wearing a waist trainer.  Listen in to find out.

Protein, carbs and fat aka the macros. We hear about them, but what role do they play in our diet? Brian Teach, aka Brian the Brain, from 1st Phorm International breaks it down for us, plus tips for muscle building, fat loss and supplements.

Brian is well versed in the world of bodybuilding having competed himself and continues to coach others in the sport. Brian has helped many men and women learn to eat properly and exercise to meet their goals, whether that be competing in a show or simply wanting to look and feel their best.

"Muscle equals metabolic currency."

Brian reminds us of this fact. When you have muscle, you have more calorie-burning power. Brian also says that that the biggest issue he sees when many people start to diet is under-eating protein.

When it comes to supplements, his three favorites for his current fitness routine are post-workout nutrition (an isolated whey protein and pure dexanhydrous glucose like 1st Phorm Ignition) a multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement, and recommends those looking to start a supplement routine, start with a multivitamin.

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