My Body is a ...Garbage Can??

Our bodies run on the foods we eat. Are you putting in good fuel or treating your body like a garbage can? In this episode, we cover the short term and long term effects of the foods you eat on your mood and body. Plus, juice detoxes- worth it or waste of time?

It's the new year and that means more people are making changes in their eating and exercise habits. We love seeing this! Whole Foods is packed, you see couples in the aisles reading labels and entire families joining a gym together. You can feel the momentum. But if your momentum starts to dwindle, keep the following in mind.

Nutrients are essential for growth, repair and maintenance of body functions. Essential meaning if they are not provided in the diet, body functions and health will decline. Eating less nutritious foods can change your mood quickly. Sugar, like drugs, can be addictive leading to the addictive pattern of binge, withdrawals and cravings. After a sugar binge, say some cookies and a sugary drink, your insulin levels surge to bring your high blood sugar back to normal. The sugar crash that follows leads to the fight or flight response that makes us feel anxious or irritable and seeking out more cookies.

Tune in to Food in Session Episode 16 My Body is a ...Garbage Can?? for more on how the foods we eat alter our short-term and long-term health.