Use Your Brain- Reframe!

If looking at happy puppy pictures does not make you think happy thoughts, keep looking. They are irresistible (c'mon you know they are!). Our latest episode of Food in Session is all about reframing situations to improve your health. It starts with thinking and planning differently, letting go of what you can NOT control and viewing the situation as if it were happening to a friend. What advice would you give your friend? Would you be surprised if they did the opposite of what you suggested? We do this to ourselves all...the...time.

For example, during the holidays you decide to stick to your healthy eating and exercise plan. No extra desserts today. Nothing's gonna stop me!! Then, at the party, someone offers cookies. You stutter to say no. You falter. You eat the cookie (or four). What happened? What strategy would you suggest to a friend the next time this happens? Think about what advice you would offer a friend and then take your own good advice.

Feeling blue around the holidays? The winter blues are common. Try using reframing to get in a healthy state of mind. For example, instead of saying "it is too cold to exercise so I can't" say "I'm treating myself to a 6-week indoor spinning class!" Whatever the negative thought is, try reframing it in a positive way. Note: you don't have to be "Suzy Sunshine" to practice this exercise. (When all else fails, look at puppy pictures).

We hope this episode helps get you pumped up to crush 2017! It's here, are you ready??!