Celebrating Emily's Cookbook Launch!

A few weeks ago, we gathered to celebrate Emily and the release of her cookbook into the world. It was done in true "Emily" form: picture-perfect food and details on each table, Emily greeting each person with her warm show-all-your-teeth smile, a custom snapchat filter (awesome!!), a variety of delectable protein desserts to sample and tokens of appreciation in the form of cookies and healthy living gift baskets. Emily literally leaves no stone unturned when it comes to party details!

I am incredibly proud of my friend and co-host of Food in Session on this huge accomplishment! Knowing her, my guess is she is already planning how to make the next book even better than the first (good luck lady, this one is rocks!! ;) ).Here's a few photos of the book launch party. Naturally, we almost always fail to get a picture of the two of us at any event!

Emily and her sisters, Sarah and Becky

Emily and Andy Frisella (they clean up nice!)

Emily and Katie, Savage & Frisella Apparel
We are here for the protein donuts!! :)

Speech, speech, speech!!
Proud "mom and baby."  Emily and her book.

Leslie, Emily and John (Team Gorman)
It's all in the details!

All the cookies! Monster Muscle Bites
All the cookies! Monster Muscle Bites
An unofficial GNO with the ladies!