Where's Your Money Going? Invest In Your Health

Life costs money! Some will argue that a healthy life costs more. Have you taken a look at where you are spending your money (and time) and how you can invest in your health? Good health is one thing you can't buy and once it's gone, it's always missed. In this episode, we discuss the cost of health versus the cost of illness and where to skimp and when to spend when it comes to your health. It doesn't have to cost more but it's guaranteed to be worth it!

  • Foods to skimp/save money on:

  • Chicken labeled "hormone free" (all chicken is hormone-free)

  • Organic produce with a peel or skin you will NOT eat, like bananas

  • Grains and dried goods: look for items like oats, brown rice, quinoa and coconut flour in bulk bins. Even the organic varieties tend to cost less out of the bulk bins.

  • Foods worth spending a little extra:

  • Lean red meats: if you know of a local farmer you can source meats from, go for it!​

  • Organic produce with a peel or skin you WILL eat, like apples.

  • Quality supplements: because you don't want the dollar-menu variety of supplements going in your body!

  • Fitness to skimp/save on:

  • Fancy gyms with lots of amenities that you will NEVER use. You are paying for them, so use them or consider a smaller gym that costs less.

  • If you have the motivation to get fit at home, websites like Sparkpeople.com have exercise videos online. Your local library can be another source of free fitness DVDs. Go to the App Store on your smartphone and search exercise- there are endless options!

  • Fitness worth spending a little extra:

  • A personal trainer is your partner in fitness and someone to keep you accountable and on track. It's worth an intro session at least, to see if a personal trainer is the right investment for your health.

  • If you have injuries, sessions with a physical therapist or personal trainer are a wise investment. They can help you find exercises that work with your injuries versus going it alone and getting hurt...worse.

  • Well-being, a necessary investment!

  • Spend money on things that truly bring you inner piece, not just items that bring temporary happiness.

  • Invest in experiences that teach you something new, like a cooking class or college course.

We all have to spend money, we get it! However the old excuse that living heathy costs too much has got to stop! The cost of illness far exceeds the cost of brown rice and chicken. A quote to think about and share with your friends:

"Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness."

-Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby

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