Common Misconceptions of Carbs

The season of carbs is upon us! In this episode we share five carb misconceptions, plus our favorite game, #CSS, returns!

It seems that whether or not a person eats carbohydrates/carbs has become a very personal and emotionally charged decision! We have a love-hate relationship with carbs. Listen in and decide whether you'll warmly accept carbs into your diet or banish them forever!

One of the common misconceptions from this episode is if it's sugar-free, it's carb-free. While a food that is labeled "sugar-free" might have less total carbohydrates than a regular version, nine out of ten times it will NOT be carbohydrate free. For example, sugar-free cookies are still made with wheat flour (a carb) and therefore are not carb free even if a sweetener is used instead of sugar. Check the nutrition facts and ingredients to get the real scoop!

Behind the scenes, when two little meatballs attack the studio. They must have heard us talking about carbs.

Handsome man Otis, Emily's English Bulldog

Charley Bear, Emily's other English Bulldog (not pictured, Ellie, the American Bulldog.  She likes to dodge the baby bulldogs)

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