10 Ways to Stay Healthy at Home and 3 Protein-rich Snacks

We have become very familiar with the inside of our homes in the last few weeks.  Your home environment impacts your health and now that you’re spending more time there, you might have noticed whether it’s more helpful or harmful to your health.  Make your home, and now workspace for many, work for you with these 10 ways to stay healthy at home.

Separate your spaces. As best as you can in the space you’re working with, try to separate your workspace from leisure space.  Even if it has to be in a living room or bedroom, define the space with a table and good chair to avoid posting up in bed with your laptop.

Sit smart. Good posture is important, and you don't want to have to strain your back or neck while hunched over your computer screen.  To be ergonomically correct at your desk and avoid neck and back strain, setup your space like this:  whether sitting or standing, the top of the monitor should be at eye level; wrists straight, hands at or below elbow level and adjust chair height so your knees are level with your hips, or put a small box on the floor to rest your feet on and raise your knees to hip level.

Loose the PJs.  It’s tempting to get up and do the bare minimum of getting ready before getting to work at home.  You’ll be more productive if you get up and get ready for the day. Pajamas tell your mind and body to lounge- NOT what you need while working.  Plus, if you normally work in an office, you’ll go back to it eventually so don’t get out of your normal getting ready habits.

Get up and move. Every so often, it's good to get up and stretch your body between periods of sitting. Stand up and pace around during conference calls if you have them or take a break occasionally to walk around the house. If you need to, set a timer to help you remember.

Visit the water cooler.  Or pretend to anyways.  You might forget to drink as much water as you do from the office, so make it a goal to drink half of what you need in a day by noon.

Plan a workout. The good thing about working from home is that your schedule is a bit more flexible, so you can choose when to work out. Whether it's before work, during lunch or after the work day, plan it in.  Also, look forward to what classes you plan to take when gyms and studios reopen.

Let the sun in.  Make sure you step outside first thing in the morning or at least look outside.  Think about the lighting in your workspace at home and avoid working in dim lighting.  Light and sunlight affect your health and mood more than you can imagine.  Bring the outdoors inside by getting houseplants.

Give your eyes a rest. If you’re doing a lot of computer work, get blue light blocking glasses and still make it a point to look away from the screen often.  Take a 2 minute break and go wipe down the kitchen counters or fold the laundry.

Create a support system. Without regular interaction with coworkers, it can get a little lonely working from home so call or chat online with co-workers.  Remember your family members could be going thorugh similar experiences and also want chat more.

Use this time to declutter and deep clean.  Spending so much time at home can make you realize that clutter piles have got to go.  Write down a cleaning schedule if you don’t already have one.  Tasks can be broken up through the day or you can tackle it all at once.  Not a morning exerciser?  You could take a half hour in the morning to clean instead, and save your evening time for exercise.


Time for a snack?  Here are some lower calorie options for utilizing protein powder when you just have the munchies and want to eat something healthy.

  • Make a mug cake with fruit for flavor and whipped cream for icing 

  • A protein smoothie and throw in some greens

  • Stir vanilla protein powder into nonfat plain Greek yogurt and add cinnamon.  Use this as a fruit dip.  It’s great with apple slices

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