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Meet Emily

My name is Emily Frisella, I am a busy entrepreneur, author, health & food enthusiast living in the heart of the midwest with my wonderful husband of 4 years Andy and our 3 adorable bulldogs

Growing up on a cattle and row crop farm, food has always been a passion of mine. From growing our own


garden, canning our own vegetables and raising and preparing our own meat. My parents always instilled in me to value and respect where your food came from.  I saw first hand the work and dedication it requires.  My mom and both grandmas were amazing in the kitchen.  I was always fascinated by how effortlessly they would create a feast for the family and I knew one day I wanted to be able to do that.

I am very devoted to preparing healthy meals that are healthy for my husband and myself as well as for our dogs. I make all our own dogfood and dog treats to ensure they too are getting the nutrients and quality food they need. With all the chemicals and junk in our food that is available, imagine the amounts of chemicals and byproducts in pet food!

Mindy and myself share a passion of food, Health, and helping others.  Mindy being a registered dietitian and diabetes educator. And myself, a chef that specializes in clean eating. We were compelled to launch Food In Session to help with the education of food and choices for this generation.   With obesity and diabetes rates so high and  general health and wellness so low it's time to help others make better choices. Many don’t realize how good their body is designed to feel by giving it whole and nutritious foods. We need to get back to the basics and “defluff” the food industry and internet articles...and that’s what we aim to do!


So grab a fork and dive in!

Meet Mindy

I am a Midwestern woman living in St. Louis, born and raised in KCMO.  I always thought I would have a career in art or graphic design, but my 1st semester in college proved otherwise. I wanted to help people and loved food and cooking.  One chance meeting with a dietetics professor changed my course in life.  I’ve been a dietitian now for 8 years and a certified diabetes educator for 3 years. 


I met the love of my life, Chris, my senior year at Missouri State University and fortunately he 


was raised with farming grandparents (as was I) and learned to love veggies early on in life.  He’s not afraid to try my experimental recipes!  


My love of food, cooking and nutrition was unintentionally instilled by my mom and my grandma.  They both just happened to make healthy, family meals a daily occurrence but never pushed any certain foods as “good” or “bad”.  I also credit Rachel Ray’s $40 a Day and 30 Minute Meals- I don’t know what it is about her but she sucked me in and broadened my culinary skills!  Thank you Mom, Grandma, and Ray Ray!


I believe in balance- a simple word that can be hard to achieve when it comes to nutrition.  The goal of this podcast is to help you achieve that balance in your life, and be thoroughly entertained in the process.  

Emily is the greatest healthy home chef I know!  I learn amazing food prep tips from her that blow…my…mind.  We will teach you that vital thing you didn’t learn in school- how to eat and how to cook.

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